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 Which fabrics are suitable for draperies?
It is important to use the right fabric for the look
you want to achieve.  There are many options,
but a few common ones include:


Ideal for drapery and valances, because of it's subtle sheen and graceful flow. The downside is that it is very delicate, and prone to fading and rotting, especially by the sun. (Lining and interlining can reduce this tendency.)

Faux Silk

Gives the look of silk without the fading and rotting tendencies.  Less expensive than silk.


Refers to the weave.  Intricate designs, such as embossed effect and contrasting surfaces, all created by the weaving of the fabric.

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Key Factors in
Fabric Selection
Does the fabric flow or fold as desired?
How much use will the drapery get?
Do you have children or pets?
What is your budget for this portion of the price?